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Young Scientist Tanzania

For the second year running Radar were delighted to support the Young Scientist Tanzania...

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Radar are excited to launch our new range of Professional Development products including key...

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Supporting Tanzania

Radar Education and Pearson are proud to support the following initiatives currently making a difference to the lives of Tanzanian students, teachers and local communities:

Young Scientists Tanzania

Sponsored by Pearson Foundation and Irish Aid in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Science Communication and Technology, Young Scientists Tanzania 2012 is providing a platform for young secondary school students to come together to investigate theories, discover new technologies and advance current knowledge through research and innovation.The development of science and technology is deemed vital for economic and social development in sub-Saharan Africa, yet it has long been neglected and poorly funded in many of the region’s countries. In recognition of this, African science ministers resolved that 2011 would begin the African Decade for Science.The practical aspects of achieving this goal require the nurturing of young scientists from early stages in learning and an appreciation by the general public of the importance of science in daily life and economic development.

Read International's 2012 Library Project

Radar Education and Pearson are delighted to support Read International's 2012 Library Renovation Project, which plans to develop library infrastructure and resources in 14 schools across Tanzania. READ International began life in 2004 as a small project based at Nottingham University, founded by a group of socially entrepreneurial students following a ‘gap year’ teaching in Tanzania.  Now there are almost 1,000 student volunteers involved, operating from a network of over 45 university sites across the UK.

The Hassan Maajar Trust

Radar Education is also currently donating books to the Hassan Maajar Trust, a laudable initiative focussed on mobilizing funds to improve the learning environment and promote sports in Tanzanian schools by providing them with desks, chairs, black boards, books, computers, sports facilities and equipment.